How To Paint Knotty Alder Cabinets

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Knotty Alder Cabinets

If you wish to use the country knotty alder cabinets to form renovations to your home, like replacement molding, door panels, frames of windows , or perhaps to the bottom, you’ll need to keep up the looks of unsmooth wood grain to while rising the color ink timber. coloring isn’t a troublesome method, except for nice results cannot merely brush so clean the ink. initial you have got to sand the wood so complete the mandatory preparations to urge the foremost out of your wood stain.


  1. Sand the surface of knotty alder cabinets with sandpaper starting from one hundred fifty to 220 grains to open the pores of the wood. The more durable the sandpaper, the a lot of the pores open. this can provides a rustic look to your alder. If you wish a refined look, use fine sandpaper.
  2. Clean knotty alder cabinets with clean cloth dampened with mineral spirits. This removes mud from the pores. Mineral spirits additionally facilitate raise wood fibers. This helps the wood to simply accept ink higher. Let’s take some minutes to dry the wood to its natural color.
  3. Applies the regular movements ink with a brush or sponge. Overlap every stroke by fifty % to confirm adequate coverage.
  4. Clean the ink once regarding half-hour with a clean cloth. If you let the ink for a shorter term, the ink are going to be a lot of clear and shine picket beads to grant a country look. If you let the ink longer, the colour of the wood darkens and provides a solid look.
  5. Add a second layer of ink as you else the primary one if you wish a darker look.
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