Outdoor Storage Ottoman Padded With Drawers

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Garden Storage Ottoman

Outdoor storage ottoman – an ottoman with drawers may be a good thanks to add skillfulness. Flip-top lids will be cumbersome and things within area unit solely huddled and mussy. Boxes can enable accumulating things like books, magazines thus you’ll keep your space clean and tidy. you’ll complete the project in but two days once you take the time to die or paint and permitting the glue to dry.

Base outdoor storage ottoman, verify the peak, breadth and depth for your ottoman, and if you wish to possess a sq. or rectangular form. Draw a style on a bit of paper together with your measurements. Panels Cutting MD for the highest, sides and bottom, consistent with their measurements. Or privileged spot paint the panels and permit drying. Run a drop of contact cement on the sides of all-time low panel. Use a nail gun to connect the facet panels. Grasp the sides of every corner. Add glue to the highest edges and install the highest panel.

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Determine the dimension and height of the front of the drawer by mensuration the inner edges of the highest and bottom of the open aspect of the ottoman and also the area between the left and right inner sides. live the length of the aspect panels of Ottoman to work out the length of the drawers. Use your measures of length and dimension to chop 2 items of MDF to create the lowest panel of the drawers. Run a drop of contact cement on the border of the lowest panels for every drawer.  Place the slide units on the perimeters of every drawer and mark the screw locations. Drilling holes beginning and finishing connecting the slide with a screwdriver. Place the lowest drawer within the outdoor storage ottoman and mark the screw locations of the aspect rails with a carpenter’s pencil. Repeat for the highest drawer. begin drilling holes and rails square measure connected to the perimeters of the ottoman.

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