Kitchen Valance Ideas For Modern Homes

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Kitchen Valance Ideas

Kitchen valance ideas are so elegant and beautiful with modern style. When you have modern homes, modern kitchens, then you can use modern style valances. The ideas are various, first, you can use the vibrant colors for the valances, and you can use the orange, yellow, red, blue or other vibrant colors. Vibrant colors are so striking and good for making your valances become the focal points in your kitchens. It is also good if you have the vibrant colored valances if your kitchens are plain and have no other focal points. This is kind of futuristic valances

Kitchen Valance Ideas with Patterned Designs

The valances will be more beautiful when you choose the valances with patterns. It is good if you want to a more beautiful valance because the patterned valances have more artistic look. The patterns are various from dots, stripes, waves, flowers, animals, plants or abstract patterns which are more beautiful. For example if you like butterflies, you can choose the valances with butterfly patterns, it is so feminine with pink and purple colors. Or, if you want to be more feminine, then you can use love patterns on your valances and it is so wonderful. Many patterns are great because it will be more alive.

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Modern Kitchen Valance Ideas with Fine Materials

When you want to have a modern look in your kitchen, fine materials is a must. You can choose the silk material which is smooth, soft and so elegant. The silk fabric is so luxurious because it has the glossy and shiny surface that is made from the fine materials. It is worth for having a modern and elegant kitchen with the silk fabric because it is expensive, but still it is the best in quality. The other materials are also available from linen for example. You also find the valance which is designed with the unique shapes, for example laced valance.

Decorating Ideas for a Window Valance

Metal valances, while window treatments are typically made of cloth, there is no reason galvanized steel can not be used. Reflective metal caps can be fasten to the wall with the drawer pull. Curve sheet metal to the top windows with a reflective surface. It emphasizes the height of a room. For a luxury choice, choose a damask or silk fabric. Swag the fabric around heavy, ornate metal hardware. Box- pleated valances also create a formula topper for standard window curtain.

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Theme room window treatments, kid’s rooms are an ideal place in the home to use bright colors and creates fun, thematic decor. In a beach-themed kid’s room, like the top window with fluttering grass found in hula skirts. For a funky, using an animal print valance accented with ribbon in wall color or bedding color.

Wall to wall valance, to create unity in a room with more than one window at a wall, consider adding a wall-to-wall valance. Choose a fabric that complements the wall color and a pattern that draws on the colors that exist in a room’s accent pieces.

In the kitchen is a fun place to play with patterns and colors on the window valance. Consider using wooden eggs to hang a country toile-patterned valance. Toile patterns often feature farm scenes and a country flair to the kitchen space. Another design idea in a kitchen is to hang a valance pattern with apples, fruits or other foods.

Many rooms in the home feature patterned accents, like a mirror with a patterned frame or a decorated vase. Plain sofas often feature fun, patterned throws and pillows. When choosing a fabric for a window valance, use these patterned pieces as inspiration. Select a fabric that matches or complements these patterns and colors.

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